JS SHIRANE  DDH-143       In Panana Canal - May 9, 2012
Canal pilot aboard was Captain Andrew  -  His comment "Older vessel but in mint condition".

Shirane-Class Destroyer;  Builder: Ishikawajima-Harima, Tokyo  in 1980   

Displacement: 5,200 long tons Length: 159 m (522 ft)  Beam: 17.5 m (57 ft 5 in) Draft: 5.3 m (17 ft 5 in)   Speed: 31 knots
Propulsion:  [2]  IHI boilers 850 psi [2] Ishikawajima Harima steam turbines; [2] shafts 70,000 shp   Complement: 350, 20 staff
Armament: [1] 8-pod Sea Sparrow SAM launcher; [1] ASROC Mk 112 octuple anti-submarine missile launcher;
 [2] FMC 5"/54 caliber Mark 42 guns  [2] 20 mm Phalanx CIWS; [2] Mark 32 triple Mk-46 torpedo tubes; [4] 12.7mm machine guns.

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Verrazano-Narrows-Bridge - New York

SHIRANE is one of the JMSDF ships
 I used to work with on HASS.  

It was her logo that inspired the MSC version of HASS's plaque:

I've got her plaque in my storage locker somewhere. I would plan Enka music as the Japanese navy ships came alongside.
My alongside welcome went something link this (as I recall): SHIRANE, konnichiwa.  HASSAYAMPA ni setsugen.
                                                                                                        (SHIRANE good day, HASSAYAMPA is next to you)
Kangei shimasu. (Let's work together) Standby to receive shotlines fore and aft (all English -Eigo from then on)
Most of the unrep was silent.  We did everything using hand signals for communication.
The JMSDF were good at unrep work.  I took a group of officers around HASS when the SAGAMI was being designed.  They already had the unrep stuff planned.  They were mostly interested in our anchor handling arrangements.  She would be the heaviest ship in the navy since WW II and they wanted a close look at old USN practice.  Capt. Patrick Moloney