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To help face reality, Americans can be reminded as to what support has been required to keep us FREE. They need to trust and help Heal our Land

Navy Oilers are one of the largest physical objects available to demonstrate what support has been required to keep America free. Navy Oilers have been on the job, 24/7, for decades supplying our ships with the fuel required to keep them in the right place at the right time to deter American enemies. Even today and in the future, they will be needed to keep carriers supplied with fuel for our jets and to keep the destroyers in motion for sending un-manned projectiles toward our enemies.

Crews of Navy Oilers put them self's in harms way every single day of every year to perform the refueling tasks. It is precise work and danger jumps up every time there is a human error or mechanical failure. Even anger builds up fast when a line brakes and oil is sprayed over the customers ship. An example is in 1971, one of Kawishiwi's lines to USS Oklahoma City broke and oil shot right into its bridge at 3000 gallons per minute.
These Oilers also provide, food, clothing, and ammunition for the ships coming along side for their much needed fuel. An Oiler is not called a tanker because it more than that, it is a replenishment  at sea ship.

Did you know that war ships do not have bombs or rockets on board when they are in port. The Oilers remove them all before the make port and put them back on when they leave port. An exception to this can be if an Ammunition Depot is handy, such as that at Indian Island in Puget Sound.

Oil can be a very negative word to persons who use our nations harbors. Every ship that enters these harbors must have its hull properly constructed and controlled to make sure NO oil empties into the water that the ship floats in. At the same time, these ships must be allowed to supply Americas needs.

A Support Museum is not intended just for Oil Tankers
Other types of support ships must be included.
Other branches of the Armed Services must also be included.

In the 1950's six ships were constructed especially to support all the ships of  Navy Carrier Task Forces.  They were the first streamlined tankers and are sleek looking. One of those ships for example, the USS Kawishiwi AO-146, supported the Apollo 13 splashed down. It also provided the fuel to evacuate Saigon. It was the first ship to transport refuges out of Saigon. These ships are large and their tanks could be modified to be display rooms. The central tanks could hold fluids needed in emergencies such as earthquakes.

Oil Tanker

USS Kawishiwi

Being approached by
USS Rochester
in 1956


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View photos of Ships Along Side the Navy Tanker - USS Kawishiwi AO-146
Alamo received gash from refueling collision.
Kawishiwi decks are awash during sea storm.
Crews practice protection off Vietnam.
Many lines are required to fuel a Carrier.
A fuel line probe is extended to its customer
TOO close in 1967
Pulling together
Even in rough seas, refueling continues.
Think about it.

I am Vern Bouwman, one the original crew members of USS Kawishiwi AO-146