In Lake Washington

July 2009 was a great time for friends to moor their boats together in the middle of Lake Washington and cool off.  It was really difficult to swim with life preservers on thought. It got really bad when other boaters didn't observe the swimmers flag sent huge waves into the swimmers.                  Vern was the photographer here.

We figured these rules were applicable and not followed when waves were sent to our area. We had Orange flags displayed from each boat.

  • A "no wake" speed must be maintained when within 200 feet of a dock, swimmer, swimming raft, non-motorized boat, or anchored vessel.
  • Each vessel towing a water skier, inner-tube, wakeboard or similar device, must be equipped with a ski flag, described as a twelve inch by twelve inch bright red or bright orange flag on a twenty-four inch pole.  This flag must be displayed immediately after the towed person(s) falls into the water and remain displayed until the person(s) is back out of the water.