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Lake Washington  Shipyards

The city of Kirkland survived harsh economic times by building many ships at Houghton. Many workers labored here to build ships for Ferry's, Research,  Net Laying,  Sea Plane Tender,  and Torpedo Boat Tender. SHIP BUILDING HISTORY
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In 1939 about 300 men worked in the shipyard; the workforce grew to nearly 9,000 men and women in 1943. Lake Washington Shipyards built 29 ships for the Navy and repaired nearly 500 vessels over the course of the war. View The Homecoming statue in Kirkland; commemorating Kirkland's role in ship building.


(2) Ferry’s: Issaquah (1913) and M/V Kitsap (1925)

(2) USC&GSS: Explorer (1928) and Pathfinder (1929)

(4) Net laying ships: YN-1, YN-2, YN-3, YN-4 (1941)
(25) Sea Plane Tenders (SPT) Barnegat Class:

(13 of the 25) served only as SPT’s
AVP-37, AVP-38, AVP-39, AVP-40, AVP-41,
AVP-49, AVP-50, AVP-51, AVP-52,
AVP-53, AVP-54, AVP-55.

(4) of the SPT’s shipped out as Torpedo boat tenders (TBT): AVP-27, AVP-28, AVP-56, AVP-57, and (2) of the TBT’s later served as Coast Guard ships: AVP-56, AVP-57.

(8) of the (SPT’s) became Coast Guard Ships after the war: AVP-23, AVP-24, AVP-25, AVP-26, AVP-33, AVP-34, AVP-35, AVP-36  , AVP-56, AVP-57   Many links above move you to NavSource.com.


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The Ferry, in the center, is similar to the wooden Leschi, a reconfigured side-wheeler steamboat,

Lake Washington Shipyards also built:
            • 1000 flotation tanks for anti-submarine nets like those shown in the second photo of this Hampton Roads page.

            • 7 seven artillery lighters (i.e. light landing craft). A 45-foot artillery lighter, was equipped with two parallel hinged ramps in the stern, it could be beached successfully stern-to and 155mm guns and other pieces of heavy Marine equipment unloaded. It lacked a power plant, however, and had to be towed by another craft. A lighter was similar to the LCVP’s used on the ship of this author’s uncle during WWII. See: PA91-15 and scroll down to photo of supplies on the beach.

Ballard Marine Railway, Seattle WA., built Minesweepers and Subchasers. One became famous by John Wayne's purchase of YMS-328.