The memorial commemorates Kirkland, Washington's role in ship building during WWII.

Taken by Vern Bouwman on July 22, 2009                    

This replica of The Homecoming© statue was dedicated on July 4, 2001. The statue overlooks Puget Sound from its location in Marina Park. The Homecoming© is dedicated to Navy families, and is Kirkland's "heartwarming expression" of family unity. Kirkland is also called "the city of outdoor statues" so The Homecoming© is also a participant of the city's artistic expression. In the photo above you can see an art festival was going on as the photo was taken.

The Homecoming© statue was sponsored solely by donations from local businesses and individuals who wanted to express their appreciation to the families "who also serve."

The original Homecoming© statue stands on the Quarterdeck of the Navy Memorial Foundation's NavalHeritage Center.

The city of Kirkland survived harsh economic times by building many ships at Houghton. Many workers labored in the Lake Washington Shipyards to build ships for Ferry's, Research,  Net Laying,  Sea Plane Tender,  and Torpedo Boat Tender.

Hand-finished replicas of the Stanley Bleifeld work can be purchased at. http://lonesailorshipstore.stores.yahoo.net/usnmfstatues.html

How long has that plane been in the water off the end of the pier?