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Runway 32 is a runway heading 320°, almost north as a pilot lands a plane. This image points out the Control Tower, a Compass Rose, and three Revetments.

What can't be seen on the photo above is Art work that was placed across the park, completed in 2010. "STRAIGHT SHOT" is name. It illuminates the practice and importance of surveying.

Straight Shot artistically builds upon a calibration baseline established by a cooperative program of the National Geodetic Survey in 1982. The location is a 1-kilometer-long cleared pathway, the site of a former Navy runway, that functions as a baseline to calibrate electronic distance measurement (EDM) equipment, an essential tool necessary for the utility to deliver its services effectively.

  Artist Perri Lynch has installed 12 six-foot ink jade limestone columns placed precisely along this baseline. Drilled into each stone are two circular holes that allow visitors literally a straight shot of views of the surrounding park, reinforcing the use of the baseline. From:

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The stones are all within old runway 32!