Ferry "DAWN" Sunk in Lake Washington

The Seattle City Council requested that "DAWN" be sunk. Charlie Gilbert of the Vasten was given the contract, and she was towed out and sunk. She now lies in over 110 feet of water east of Atlantic City Park.

Dawn was built
at the Lake Washington Shipyard in Houghton, WA in 1913. She was 65 foot long (reported to be 55 feet long when she retired).

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The fare for a ride on the impressive little steamer was 25 cents a round trip, but steady commuters could purchase a ten trip ticket for 1 dollar. Students got 20 trips for 1 dollar!

Diving for this vessel is one of the lakes most popular due to the ability of recreational divers to reach it.  The cabin structure of this vessel is intact largely intact and runs nearly the full length of the vessel. from: DCS-Films