In Renton on Lake Washington
on Cedar River Trail, near Nishiwaki Lane and North 6th Street

Military planes were built in buildings 4-20 and 4-21
including B-17's, B-29's, KC-97's and KC-135's.
These buildings are now used to create parts for jets.

The first 707 rolled out of Bldg. 4-20 ->

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The Boeing Airplane Company has been involved in the Renton community since 1922, when Boeing began using the northern end of Renton Field as the hub of the world's first international air mail service, ferrying mail between Puget Sound and Victoria, B.C. The connection strengthened on the eve of World War II with the construction of a major factory that produced 1,119 Boeing B-29 bombers for the war in the Pacific. In the 1950s Boeing and Renton ushered in the Jet Age with the decision to build the world's first successful jetliner, the Boeing 707, in Renton. In 1960 the Renton plant began work on the Boeing 727, one of the most successful jetliners ever built. Boeing has relied on its employees and the Renton community to help it become the largest aerospace company in the world. In 2001, 40-percent of the commercial jetliners in the air began on the Renton assembly line

This web author, Vern, worked in this area from 1990 thru 2000. The image above is from 1970. In the 1990's, jet fuselages were built in the 10-50 and 51. The 10-80 and 85 is where engineering was achieved. Even the 777 started here. The 4-41 is a paint hanger.

In the 4-81-82 the 707, 727, and 737 were built. Currently the 757 and the P-8A Poseidon are built. All the number 10 buildings are gone and replaced with shopping and living areas.