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Salvador, Brazil
During WWII, 69 years ago; The U.S. Navy
Rescue Tug ATR-7
worked out of Salvador.
The link above to "Rescue Tug ATR-7" tells a yeomans(YN2) story of his experience in Bazil encounters.
The image above perhaps
displays where the ATR-7
was moored.

The Note: "Elevator" most
certainly is of one of the
photos in the story.
See below, a current photo
of an elevator used to go
from the lower city to the
upper city.

The Battle Ship
Minas Gerais"
 that ATR-7 moved around,
 is as shown in photo right.
Next to
Fort Sao Marcelo".

Below is the Salvador
Trade Center where
Here is a photo of an elevator that transports
persons  from the Lower City to the Upper City.

The tow of the Carriers pass
Out to sea. This link is to point
out some WW-II History.