A Venus Transit occurs when we can see Venus passing directly in front of the Sun. This is similar to when the Moon passes in front of the Sun on a solar eclipse. See: Alignment
On June 11, 2011 the view, right, will be possible.  This image was taken June 8, 2004 by Jay Quellet. Click image for source.
This web page was motivated from watching History Channels  "Apocalypse Island 2112". This show is really a spoof because an Apocalypse is a dream or prophecy. The only drawback on seeing this on the History Channel is that it is not physical history and too many persons can believe dreams are true.

This is a scene from the show,
"Apocalypse Island 2112".
It was taken on a high mountain on
Robinson Crusoe Island off the coast of Chile.
The pillar at left where it was depicted that
Mayan Priests would observe
different planets coming into alignment
and causing significant changes on Earth.

Prophecy #1. Some people contend that this prophecy is erroneous as the last Mayan cycle of 5,125 years did not bring about world-wide destruction.
Source: Predictions

A fake Mayan Idol on Robinson Crusoe Island

This is another scene from the show,
"Apocalypse Island 2112"
It depicts what the Mayan Priests would witness.
This is entirely possible and
has happened many times,
over thousands of years.

The Venus cycle was an important calendar for the Maya, and much information in regard to this is found in the Dresden codex. The Maya courts employed skilled astronomers, who could calculate the Venus cycle with extraordinary accuracy. There are six pages in the Dresden Codex devoted to the accurate calculation of the location of Venus.
Source: Wikipedia

The Dresden Codex >

"The last page of the Dresden Codex shows the destruction of the world via water. Waves gush from the mouth of a celestial dragon. More flood waters pour from sun and moon symbols on the underside of the monster's body. An aged goddess also pours flood water onto the Earth. At the bottom of the picture crouches a ruler of the underworld. Above the picture, about half of the 15 glyphs have been destroyed, but a few of the remaining ones consistently refer to "Black Earth" or "Black on High"."
Source: Crystal Links

Different Pages of Dresden Codex

The Gregorian calendar today serves as an international standard for civil use. In addition, it regulates the ceremonial cycle of the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. In fact, its original purpose was ecclesiastical. Although a variety of other calendars are in use today, they are restricted to particular religions or cultures.

The principal astronomical cycles are the day (based on the rotation of the Earth on its axis), the year (based on the revolution of the Earth around the Sun), and the month (based on the revolution of the Moon around the Earth). The complexity of calendars arises because these cycles of revolution do not comprise an integral number of days, and because astronomical cycles are neither constant nor perfectly commensurable with each other.

Venus - Earth - Pluto

Mercury - Earth - Neptune      This could bring a great earthquake!