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A trail coming out of the North West Logging "STORIES"
The logging town of ISSAQUAH, being part of this logging history site, is closest to Snoqualmie Pass.
It was nice to discover than my hero, "JOHN WAYNE", has given us history of this area.
On the trails that now exist on the old Northern Pacific R. R. road bed, you can travel from Issaquah to the city of Snoqualmie.
The trails continue to Cedar Falls on this same company road bed.
But to continue on to Snoqualmie Pass you will encounter the John Wayne Trail which uses the old Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul R. R. bed.

I found this detailed on a 1913 Topo Map - shown below.
This map above, displays two NPRR rail routes leading to the Cedar Lake area. One from Tacoma and one from Issaquah.
The company rails then follow the Green River East, through Stampede Pass, which is still used.
Rattle Snake Lake is used in discribing the trails in this area.
In 1915, the camp town used during the building of the dam, was flooded when the city of Seattle
raised the water level of nearby Rattlesnake Lake. "NEWS"