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George W. English - in MOUNT VERNON
The city was named after Mount Vernon, the plantation estate and resting place of George Washington.
Mr. English was married soon after arriving in Mount Vernon, to
Miss Alice Kessinger.  Mr. English soon became heavily
interested in Skagit County. In company with Harrison Clothier
he ran a pioneer store and bought timber in his neighborhood.

Edward G. English and Harrison Clothier, both young men from the East, purchased ten acres of land from the Jasper Gates homestead and laid out the townsite of Mount Vernon. They were both extremely patriotic and thought that in as much as the territory was given the name, for the Father of Our County, that this new outpost should be given the name, Mount Vernon. Clothier and English operated a store in Mount Vernon as well as investing in timber acreage.

English had much to do with the incorporation of the town in 1890. He continuously pushed the growth of the town and before his death in 1930 he deeded to the town of Mount Vernon 240 acres of land on the North Eastern slope of Little Mountain to be used as a park and scenic area. The town later acquired another 240 acres from the company. It became "LITTLE MOUNTAIN PARK".

In 1891 English bought out the Clothier timber interests and from that time on devoted himself completely to the timber industry, becoming one of the leading men in the industry. His interests in the Northwest included the English Logging Company, Tyee Logging Company, Burns Mill Company, Skagit Mill, Lyman Timber Company, the Puget Sound & Baker River Railroad, as well as many interests in British Columbia.

From: "The Skagit River Journal"

"Edward G. English was born in Maine in 1850,
not long after his parents arrived from Ireland.
As a small boy he moved to Wisconsin with his
parents, settling at Arcadia.
When twenty years of age he came west,
inspired by the words of Horace Greeley,
"Go west, young man, go west."
Some time was spent in California and Oregon,
but he made his way to Skagit County.

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