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Machias,  as located in 1890, was purchased, platted and named in 1888 by L. W. Getchell.
The town was named for Machias, Maine.

The land had been purchased first by Charles Niemeyer, Sr., also from Machias, Maine.
Niemeyer secured title to land and granted a right-of-way to the railroad in 1888.

Getchell was the son of a shipbuilder in Machias, Maine and was successful in California, Nevada and Washington.
The town of
GETCHELL, also on this Centennial Trail was named for L. W. Getchell.

The town's main industry was timber; several lumber and shingle mills operated within a few miles of the town
 and shipped logs by rail from the depot.  By the early 1900's Machias was a bustling community with
a railroad depot, many stores, a school, a church and a post office where the trailhead is now located.
 Most of the town was destroyed by fire in 1914. The Machias trailhead depot is a replica of the 1890 original.

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