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George W. English - in ENGLISH, Washington
The images below, with the words copied from the Skagit River Journal  describes what information is possible
The English Camp was located in
 NW 1/4 Section 19, T31N - R15E

This area,
where the  'English Logging Company"
came to,

was called
"The Summit"

Since it was the highest point
on the Great Northern Railroad
between Seattle and Bellingham.

The English logging company
did such a great amount of business,
such as building railroad spurs and logging roads,
and the shipping of logs,
that the place was called

By the time the English Logging Company
had created a camp here in section 19;

Many families had setteled here. They came from the states of Iowa and Michigan, Eastern states of all areas during the 1880's.

Some coming from Seattle.
They traveled by boat to Stanwood, and canoes,
paddled by Indians
brought them to Silvana.
After that the people were left on their own to pack themselves
and their belongings on their backs to walk South.

Most supplies for the settlers were bought from Silvana
 as the train had not been issued a stop at English yet.

A small mill shake shack was the first step for the pioneer fathers,
until they could get their families with them.

As soon as some trees were felled, Timber was obtained for homes.
With so much timber right there, naturally they built large homes.

 All their furniture was made by hand also.

These words are taken from a 2003 report,

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