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ANACORTES Railroad History
With these Three Railroad companies; the "Puget Sound and Baker River Railway" [PS & BRR], could have
its sawdust burned  to produce power for the local area
or ship the sawdust and its lumber to other ports.

The wood materials could come from the areas North, South or East of Arlington.

The NORTHERN PACIFIC RR, now (BN&SF), R/W appears below as displayed  on 1975 Topo maps. Here in 2018,
some R/W serves as Hiking Trails, some is Abandoned, but all of that from the March Point Refinery Area - East is still in use.

The village of Anacortes was created in 1876 when Amos Bowman and his wife
bought 168 acres, built a wharf and store and established a post office about where the Washington State Ferry Terminal stands today. (Skagit River Journal).

At the same time, Mount Vernon was being settled with the help of a major North West Logger, Edward D. English.
Mrs. Bowman's maiden name,
Anna Curtis, was used to create the name ANACORTES.

Burl Ives
Lived His
Days in Life,

This Seattle and Northern Railway train was probably one of the two excursion trains that came to Anacortes for a major celebration marking establishment of "Transcontinental connection with Fidalgo Island and city of New York." The 11-27-1890 ANACORTES AMERICAN devoted the entire front page to this event
with a banner headline, "Ocean to Ocean - Fidalgo and Manhattan Island the Extreme Terminals --
From Anacortes to New York by Rail - Completion of the NPRR to Anacortes and Arrival of its First Train through City."
During WWII, Military Families
Traveled by BUS to Anacortes and cought
a train East to their destinations.