USS Taluga (AO-62)
Moored in Suisun Bay's Reserve Fleet - Row F - in 2009
Surrounded by other decommissioned ships awaiting their fate.

See: "Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet" by Scott Haefner
With disreguard for federal laws and personal safety.

June 2010 Photos by  Mike Holmes - USS Mispillion AO-105 crew member

July 6, 2010 message
If I am ever able to go out there again, I'll contact you beforehand and see if we can take care of your needs.  I spoke to Mike McDermott (USS Hornet scavenger crew) this morning and he said that they are not going to row G this month and their time allowed out there is being shortened.  They use to collect things for 2 days and come back on the third day to pick up their material.  They are now only getting a total of 2 days at a time because the people at MARAAD are being pushed to get things cleaned up.  I didn't get good vibes from Mike as far as future trips.  He didn't come out and say anything specific, but he was somewhat negative.  Here is a few pictures of the USS Taluga (AO-62) which they have been cleaning up.  You can't walk on the wooden deck in the middle because it is so decayed.  Mike