History: from Ships' Log



SEPTEMBER - 1944          Week ONE

  Friday 1 September - 1944
Moored starboard side to Pier #9, Port Covington, Baltimore, Md. with six wire cable. Boiler #4 in use for auxiliary purposes.

0630  Lt. Cmdr, G.W. Blick, USNR, reported aboard for passage to Norfolk, Va. Made all preparations for getting underway.
0643  Pilot F.C.Hoffman came aboard.
0655  Tugs "Chester" and "J.P. Pulliam" came alongside.
0716  Got underway for Norfolk, Va. Captain at conn, Executive Officer, Navigator on the bridge on pilot courses and
           various speeds. Standard speed, 15 knots Av. RPM 30.6 Injection 71.
0951  Thomas Point Light - 1000 yards.    1155 Cove Point Light - 1.7 miles.
1407  Point Lookout - 1.25 miles.   1522  Windmill Point Light 3.8 miles, Rappahannock Spit Buoy - 1.8 miles.
1758  Entered Thimble Shoal Channel, leadsman in chains.
2025  Anchored in berth six, Hampton Roads, Va., in forty-three feet of water, hard bottom, with forty-five fathoms
           of chain to starboard anchor.
2220  Secured boilers (1), (3), and (4).
2245  All (5) passengers left the ship as did Pilot F.C. Hoffman.
Chesapeake Bay Map                   

Saturday 2 September - 1944
0330  Commenced swinging to flood tide. This function occurs many times while at anchor.
0800  Mustered crew at quarters. One absentee.
This function occurs every day.
0915  Capt. J. Meyer USN and party from Auxiliary Vessels Shakedown Group came aboard for inspection of material.
0935  Received from Naval Ammunition Depot, St. Juliens Creek,
           3000 Mark 2 (30) cal. cartridges,                    1500 Mark 1911 (45) cal. cartridges,
           500 blank
(45) cal. cartridges,                         50 Mark 1921 (45) cal. dummy cartridges,
           100 twelve ga. shot gun shells,                       100 Mark 1906 (30)
cal. dummy cartridges,
           One Mark signal projector,                                One Mark 1 spare part set for signal projector,
           Four Mark 1 star signals white,                        
Four Mark 1 star signals red,
Four Mark 1 star signals green,                        Four Mark 2 shower signals red,
Four Mark 2 shower signals green,                  Four Mark 4 chamelon signals white, red, green,
          Three  Mark 3 Smoke signals red,                   
Four Mark 4 chamelon signals green, white, red,
Three  Mark 3 Smoke signals yellow,               Three  Mark 3 Smoke signals black,
           Three Very's service boxes containing 150 green,  150 red,  150 white cartridges.
           One Very's reserve box containing 50 green,  50 red,  50 white
cartridges, 30 red & 22 blue hand lights.
           Twelve abandon ship kits.
Capt. Meyer and his party left the ship.
1245  Ens. Stuart Ross, USNR;   Fuller, Walter S2c;  Derby, William S2c;  Sobeck, Eugene C. M3c
           were transfered to U.S. Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va.
1510  Ammunition lighter came alongside.  
(Lighter: a large usually flat-bottomed barge used especially in unloading or loading ships)
           The following men reported aboard for duty with bags, hammocks, records and accounts:
Backis, Charle George
Burton, Archie Clinton
Dorrin, George Earl
Dubreuil, Antonio John
Faircloth, McKinney Robert

Gilmore, James Clifton
Griffin, Zacharia Lafayette
Harkins, Clyde Davis
Hester, Robert Samson, Jr.
Markowitz, Edward Joseph

Pittman, Edward John
Possonti, Louis Peter
Shay, Lawrence William
Johnson, Richard
Tant, George W.
1530  Stores lighter came alongside.

Sunday 3 September - 1944
1415  The following men reported aboard for duty with bags, hammocks, records and accounts:
Dorn, Felice M.
Ciesielski, C.E.
Savage, Delbert F.
Albright, Robert L.
Ozmone, Spencer C.

1459  Got underway for Deperming Station, Lambert's Point, Norfolk, Va. Captain at the conn.
1625  At Deperming Station with 4 manilla lines to port and 4 manila lines to starboard.
1700  Received 96 Purpose "A" Test Primers MK 15-1 from Naval Ammunition Depot.

Monday 4 September - 1944
0110  Completed deperming.
0712  Underway for Hampton roads, Ca, Captain at the conn.
0827  Anchored  at Hampton roads. 
0845  Lt Campbell, Lt(jg) Baughman, Brady (CRN), and Buchanan (CBM) came aboard to assist conducting shakedown trial.
0912  Underway to conduct shakedown trials, Captain at the conn.
1016  Exercised at firedrill.   1040  Secured from fire drill.
1226  Stopped engines.
1240  Passed White Channel Buoy close aboard to starboard and commenced degaussing runs.
1320  Completed degaussing runs.  1430 Set Condition Baker. 1437 Sounded General Quarters.  1442  All stations manned.
1600  Secured from General Quarters, set condition II, section II. 
1637  Started compensation of magnetic compasses with degaussing coils energized.  Secured at 1707.
1718  Steering various courses to anchorage.
1744  Anchored off Cape Charles, VA in 9 fathoms of water, hard bottom, with 60 fathoms of chain out to starboard anchor.

Tuesday 5 September - 1944
0605  Got underway on various courses.  Exercised General Quarters and Fire Drills several times.
1205  Commenced steering various courses at various speeds to calibrate radio direction finder.
1524  Anchored off Cape Charles, VA again.   Brady (CRM) left ship after completing temporary shakedown training.
1747  Underway from Cape Charles. 2011 Steaming on various courses.
2024  Anchored in Chesapeake Bay off entrance to Great Wicomico River in 40 ft. of water.  Secured boilers, 1,2, &3.

Wednesday 6 September - 1944
0612  Underway to continue shakedown training.  Capt. at the conn.
1045  Made daily inspection of magazines, conditions normal.
1707  Anchored off entrance to Severn River, Annapolis, MD. in 45 feet of water. See Maryland Map
1630  Commenced ballasting.
Thursday 7 September - 1944
0640  Underway to continue shakedown training.  Capt. at the conn.
0722  Entered on measured mile run along Kent Island, MD.
1432  Steaming various courses in preparation for streaming paravanes. 1514 Steaming paravanes.  1525 Secured.
1635  Steaming various courses to obtain tactical data.
2021  Commenced discharging ballast.
2327  Anchored by Wolf Trap Light N.E. of York River mouth. in 45 ft. of water.  Secured boilers 2,3,&4.