I can Scan, Adjust Brightness and Contrast, 5 log pages an hour.

The typical scanned page looks like this

After adjusting brightness/contrast, I remove objectionable parts of the image and
 move the meat of the subject closer together.
I paste in a new set of HOURS as required. The results is this.


This is what I use as a source to type in for the web page.

A few of the pages look like this

After a few hours - the page looked like this.
This page records Taluga's 1st hours in a convoy of the Central Pacific. 
View MAP that records my Uncle Junior's Ship, APA-91

As of this date I have 52 of 675 days or 8% recorded.
The actual clean log image will be placed on CD's.
The meat of the log will appear on the web as I hope will be of the most interest.
Personal happenings of crew members will not be posted on the web.
Dates of their boarding and leaving the ship will be posted as they happen.
The ships roster will display those aboard when WWII ended.

Vern Bouwman  December 22, 2011