History: from Ships' Log



October- 1945          Week Four

At this date Taluga's available log reported 111 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.
DESCRIPTIONS of Ships Refueled are linked on the UNREP RECORD Page


Wednesday  24 October
0000  Anchored in berth F-54, Tokyo Bay, Japan, in 10 fthms water, mud bottom, w/ 90 ftms of chain to strbd anchor
           following brng Kannon Saki Lghths 177
°t., N Brkwtr Yokohama 318°t. & Yokosuka Brkwt light 225°t.
1340  USS LSM-181 [112] came alongside strbd.  1520 Cast off recvd 88 brls of diesel oil.

Thursday   25 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0715  Let go port anchor, paid out to 30 ftms at waters edge, simultaneously paying out 120 ftms on strbd anchor.
0905  USS Mustin DD-413
[113] came alongside strbd. 1019 Cast off recvd 566 brls. fuel oil.
1530  Heaved in strbd anchor to 90 fthms and heaved port anchor up clear of water.

Friday   26 October
0000  Anchord as the 24th.
0803  Exercised at fire quarters and abandon ship stations. 0832 Secured.
1010  USS Burke APD-65
[114] came along side strbd.  1052 Cast off recvd 548 brls. of fuel oil.
1115  USS robinson APD-72
[115] came alongside strbd. 1212 Cast off recvd 285 brls of fuel oil.

Saturday 27 October
0000  Anchord as before.
1440  USS Twining DD-540
[116] came alongside port.  1545 Cast off recvd 1,610 brls of fuel oil.
1525  Berger, Howard John S2c reported aboard for duty with bag, hammock, and records.
1630  USS Cogswell DD-651
[117] came alongside strbd.  1710 Casy off recvd 592 brls of fuel oil.

Sunday 28 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0805  USS Wren DD-568 came
[118] alongside port. 0910 Cast off recvd 1,338 brls. fuel oil.
0855  USS Stoddard DD-566
[119] came alongside strbd.  0937 Cast off recvd 851 brls. of fuel oil.
0950  USS Hawkins DD-873
[120] came alongside strbd. 1050 Cast off recvd 1,495 brls. fuel oil.
0955  USS Watts DD-567
[121] came alongside port. 1057 Cast off recvd 929 brls. of fuel oil.
1120  USS Cotten DD-669
[122] came alongside port. 1322 Cast off recvd 834 brls. of fuel oil.

Monday 29 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0910  USS Cumberland Sound AV-17
[123] came alongside strbd.
           1303 Cast off rcvd 4,008 brls. of fuel oil & 20,960 gal. Av Gas.

Tuesday  30 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0938  USS Gurke DD-783
[124] came alongside port.  1155 Cast off recvd. 3,000 brls. of fuel oil.
1234  USS Berry DD-858
[125] came alongside port.  1420 Cast off recvd. 3,003 brls. of fuel oil.
1335  USS Colahan DD-658
[126] came alongside strbd. 1444 Cast off recvd 2,027 brls. of fuel oil.
1502  USS Benham Dd-796
[127] came alongside port.  1607 Cast off recvd 1,909 brls. of fuel oil.
2230  Cut in gyro compass.

Wednesday  31 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0830  The following men were transfered to the USS Arlington AP-174 for processing.
           Shaw, Jack QM2c;   Williams, Leroy A. Cox;    Reed, Walter S. QM3c;    Reed, William Elmer F1c;
           O'Banion, Ralph C. MM1c;    Koenig, Edward J. WT2c;    McClellan, Doyle SSML2c;    Holliday, Eustace B. MM2c;
           Davis, Marion W. MM2c;    McFall, Clayton R. S1c;    Aicklen, Arthur A. BM2c;   Chandler, Walter E. MMM1c;
           Simpson, Frederick L. SSMB1c.
1520  USS English DD-696
[128] came alongside port. to pick up a boat. 1600 Stood with boat aboard.
2005  Let go the port anchor, paid out 30 fathoms at waters edge; paid out to 120 ftms. at waters edge on strbd anchor.
2115  Lit off steering engine.

At this date; Taluga's available log reported 128 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.