History: from Ships' Log



October- 1945          Week Three

At this date Taluga's available log reported 101 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.
DESCRIPTIONS of Ships Refueled are linked on the UNREP RECORD Page

TALUGA heading back to TOKYO BAY.

Tuesday  16 October
0000  Steaming in TG 16.6.60. CTU in USS Marias AO-57. 8-S-1 formation. OTC & Guide in USS Taluga AO-62.
           Course is 036°t. Speed is 10 knts.
           This is confusing, they were getting near Ulithi and they turned back to tokyo!
0100  Changed course to 353
°t. 0523 Sighted Tori Shima 307°t. 34 mi.
1200  Sighted Aoga Jima 295
°t. 35mi.  1524 Sighted Hachijo Shima 321°t. 40 mi.
1950  Sighted Mikura Shima 306
°t. 42 mi. 2130 Sighted Miyake Shima 297°t. 40 mi.
2154  Changed course to 321
°t. Changed speed to 10 knts.
2154  Casualty to gyro compass during turn - corrected. USS Marias AO-57 designated guide.

Wednesday  17 October
0000  Steaming in TG 16.6.60. CTU in USS Marias AO-57.  Guide is USS Marias AO-57.
           Course is 321°t. Speed is 10 knts. 0400 Changed speed to 12 knts. course to 290°t.
0508  Changed course to 316
°t. speed to 14 knts. 0523 Changed course to 032°t.
0600  Commenced maneuvering at various speeds & courses conforming to Tokyo Bay channel.
0723  Passed Ashika Jima Lighthouse to port 1.4 mi. 0735 Passed Kannon Saki Lighthouse port 1.7 mi.
0821  Anchored in berth F-54, Tokyo Bay, Japan, in 10 fthms water, mud bottom, w/ 75 ftms of chain to strbd anchor
           following brng Kannon Saki Lghths 177
°t., N Brkwtr Yokohama 318°t. & Yokosuka Brkwt light 225°t.
0850  Secured Special Sea detail.
2137  USS LSM-27 [102] came alongside port.  2340 Cast off recvd 719 brls of diesel oil.
2140  USS LSM-132
[103] came alonfgside strbd. 0012 [18th] Cast off recvd 1,024 brls of diesel oil
2350  USS LSM-180
[104] came alongside port. 0243 [18th] Cast off recvd 1.028 brls of diesel oil.

Thursday   18 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0103  USS LSM-454 [105] came alongside strbd. 0321 Stood off recvd 714 brls of diesel oil.
0317  USS LSM-185
[106] came alongside port. 0535 Stood off recvd 738 brls of diesel oil.
0355  USS LSM-172 [107] came alongside strbd. 0531 Stood off recvd 905 brls of diesel oil.
0553  USS LSM-177
[108] came alongside strbd. 0755 Stood off recvd 631 brls of diesel oil.
1300  Exercised at fire quarters and abandon ship stations. 1335 Secured.
1945  USS LSM-72
[109] came alongside port. 2151 Cast off recvd 226 brls of diesel oil.

Friday   19 October
0000  Anchord as before.
0945  The following were transfered to USS Belleau Wood CVL-24 for processing.
           Traynor, Roy L. CMM(AA);   Anderson Andrew L. BM2c;   Davis, Luther G. Cox;   Farinich, John F. SK2c
           Gundersen, Victor W. SF1c;   Henson, Walter D. BM2c;   Leonardo, John WT1c;   Martin, Richard E. Jr. QM1c;
           McDermott, Miles J. GM2c;   Paluch, Frank S. MM1c;   Shay, Lawrence W. S1c;   Sibley, Charles W. BKR3c;
           Sturtevant, Franks J. S1c;   Williams, Homer F. EM1c.

Saturday 20 October
0000   Anchord as before.
0530  USS LCI-697
[110] came alongside port.  0647 Cast off recvd 261 brls. of diesel oil.
1115  The following men reported aboard for duty with bags, hammocks, and accounts;
           Richards, Howard S. F1c;   Putka, Edward J. F1c;   Rousseau, Richard E. F1c;   Jorgenson, Gerald O. F2c;
           Huff, Jessie G. F2c;   Huffman, Donald C. F2c;   Howard, William H. F2c;   Hood, William R. F2c;
           Kellenbenz, M.W. F2c;   Luke, Robert V. F2c;   Dimock, John B. S1c;   Dobeas, Theodore R. S1c;
           Donakowski, F.D. S1c;   Drennan, Cecil E. S1c;   Drinning, Glenn C. S1c.

Sunday 21 October
0000  Anchord as before.  0640 Veered chain on strbd anchor to 90 ftms.
0958  USS Gandy DE-764
[111] came alongside strbd.  1118 Cast off recvd 762 brls. of diesel oil.

Monday 22 October
0000   Anchord as before.

Tuesday  23 October
0000   Anchord as before.

At this date; Taluga's available log reported 111 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.