USS Taluga AO-62 observes,
"The sinking of Mississinewa"

Ulithi Islands -  20 November, 1944

USS Mississinewa AO-59

Burning after being torpedoed.
Taluga is in foreground.

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A Kaiten-I had snuck into the harbor and struck!


Photographed by Storekeeper 1st Class Simon ("Sid") Harris, from on board USS Munsee (ATF-107).
The original photograph was received from USS Ajax (AR-6) in 1987.


Hours later the oiler rolled over.


Burning and sinking at Ulithi Atoll on 20 November 1944, after she was hit by a Japanese "Kaiten" human torpedo. A small aircraft carrier (CVL) is anchored in the foreground of left photo.

READ AN ACCOUNT by a USS Mississinewa AO-59 SURVIVOR - John A. Mair
His words include:
USS Mississinewa survivors were taken aboard the USS Cache AO-67, USS Pamanset AO-85, USS Lackawanna AO-40, USS Enoree AO-69, and the USS Mascoma AO-83. Several of these tankers quickly sent out boats to rescue men from the Mississinewa. The majority of survivors ended up on the USS Cache, USS Pamanset, and the USS Lackawana.                                                                                    See: Berthing Plan

A crew member of AO-59 recalls the tragedy as he visited the AO-62 with his son in 2005: Regarding my visit aboard Taluga in 2005 at Suisun Bay with, among others, my brother, Bob, and our father, Ray Fulleman, who was a Water Tender aboard the AO-59: I recall my dad, who was normally on the quiet side, was perhaps quieter than usual at times. I think he was flashing back and forth between his time on the AO-59 and our time there on the AO-62. There had been a number of changes between the two ships, but in some areas, it was just the same. It was a gift that I’ll never forget, being able to walk with him aboard a sister ship to the one he served aboard and which had been sunk in 1944. AO-62 was in obvious disrepair, but it was the closest thing to time travel that I can think of. We went all over the ship and he was pointing out a lot of places he hung out at or worked at while on the AO-59. As we left the Taluga, we stopped and I had him point out on the Taluga where he had to go over the side when abandoning the Mississinewa. Although he was very sore later, having had to climb quite a bit to get to the Taluga and go through the ship at the age of 82, he mentioned many times at how much he appreciated the opportunity to do so. Ron Fulleman 12-27-2011.

TALUGA LOG for this day!

This Aerial Photo is (B&W) in the book along with many more. Click the book below for details.


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The wreck was located on April 6, 2001 by Chip & Pam Lambert