USS Taluga AO-62

Karama Retto Islands:
0810, Joined formation with Task Unit 51. Standard speed 12 knots steaming at two-thirds speed.

0846, Two enemy planes were sighted on the starboard beam, distance about 4000 yards, altitude about 3000 feet. Sounded General Quarters. Changed speed to 14 knots.
0848, A Japanese fighter plane, Zake, executed a suicide dive into the ship, approaching from an attitude of about 40 degrees, one point on the port quarter.

The plane crashed into the radar mast, across the starboard side of the signal bridge, and landed on the starboard side of the main deck forward at about frame #81. Fires were started in the hold spaces forward and on the main deck. Three members of the crew of the Taluga were blown overboard. these men were Atkinson, J.W.,S1c; Beasley B.C. S2c; and Jones R.E. S1c. These men were reported to have been picked up a short time later by the USS Vigilance AM-324.  
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The "Zeke" came through here

Fighting the fire.
Sprinkler system washed gasoline away to avoid more fire.

Crash Scene

Remains of Zeke Plane and Pilot
Damage below deck is visable.

Propeller of Zeke
separated from plane.
One blade extends
toward you
in lower left

This photo
was found
 on Japanese

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