History: from Ships' Log



December- 1945          Week One

At this date Taluga's available log reported
160 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.
DESCRIPTIONS of Ships Refueled are linked on the UNREP RECORD Page

Comdr. H. M. Mikkelsen

Saturday 1 December
0000  Anchored in berth B-203, Jinsen Ko, Korea, with 75 fathoms of chain to the port
           anchor, in 7 fthms of water, fine sand bottom, on the true bearings; Hachibi To
           lighthouse 220.5°T; right tangent of Daibui Island 249°T; and Philip Island 279°T.
           Port watches are set.
0704  Manuvered to along side the USS Gazelle IX-116. 0725 Moored strbd side to port
           side of [161] USS Gazelle in berth B-206 with 8 minila lines on brngs.
Hachibi To
           lighthouse 218.5°T; right tngnt of Daibui Island 273°T; and Philip Island 244.5°T.
0735  Secured Sea detail. Set the port watches.

0805  USS YOG-77 [162] came alongside port.  1030 Cast off having rcvd 3,300 brls. od diesel oil.
1330  USS LSM-125
[163] came alond side port.  1559 Cast off having rcvd 655 brls. of diesel oil.
1450  Let go port anchor to 30 fthms on deck. 1515 Hove in port anchor.
1540  Set Special Sea detail. 1615 Got underway from USS Gazelle IX-116 having delivered 25,870 brls. of fuel oil.
1638  Anchored in Berth 202 in 7 ftms of wtr., fine sand bttm w/75 ftms of chain to port anchor on true brns.
Hachibi To lighthouse 220°T; right tngnt of Daibui Island 281.5°T; Philip Island 250°T. 1651 Secured. Set watches.
1655  USS YOG-77
[164] moored alongside, port w 6 manila lines. 2048 Cast off rcvd. 3,500 brls. of diesel oil.        

Sunday 2 December
0000  Anchored in berth B-202, Jinsen Ko, Korea, in 7 fathoms of water, fine sand bottom, with 75 fathoms of chain
           to the port anchor
on the true bearings; Hachibi To lighthouse 220°T; right tangent of Daibui Island 281.5°T; and
           Philip Island 250°T. Port watches are set.
0605  Manuvered from berth B-202 to go alongside
[165] the USS Monongahela AO-42. 0745 Moored strbdb side to port
           with 8 manila lines. 1225 Manuvered away having delivered 4,063 brls. of fuel oil.
0900  SS John LaFarge
[166] came alongside port.  1140 cast off having recvd. 3,228 brls. of fuel oil.
1250  Anchored in berth B-203 as before.

Monday 3 December
0000  Anchored in berth B-203, Jinsen Ko, Korea, in 7 fathoms of water, fine sand bottom, with 75 fathoms of chain
           to the port anchor
on the true bearings; Hachibi To lighthouse 220°T; right tangent of Daibui To 277°T; and
           Philip Island 249°T. Port watches are set.
1230  USS YO-177
[167] came alongside strbd. 1337 cast off having received 2,671 brls. of fuel oil.
1330  Set the special sea detail. 1339 got underway from berth B-203.  Maneuvered to conform to the channel.
1441  Passed Haku Gan abeam strbd 1200 yds. 1455 Passed So to Island abeam port 1500 yds. 1537 4 sea watches.
1607  Passed An to Lighthouse abeam port 1.9 mi.  1818 Took departure Manuro Island brng. 158°T, 5 mi.
1832  Changed course to 190°T. 2016 Changed course to 192°T.

Tuesday  4 December
0000  Steaming independently bound for Tokyo Bay, Japan.  Course is 192°T. Speed is 17.5 knts. Mod. Cndtn. 3 set.
0005  Changed course to 190°T. 0015 changed course to 189°T.  0033 Changed course to 188°T.
0119  Sighted Ko To Island brng 127°T about 12 miles. 0340 Sighted Kokuzan To brng. 125°T, about 12 mi.
0400  Changed course to 166°T.  0704 Changed course to 156°T.  0941 Changed course to 090°T.
1315  Changed course to 097°T.  1711 Sighted Me Shima brng. 138.5°T, 31 mi.
1900  Sighted with Ose Saki Lighthouse brng. 019°T. Changed course to 151°T.
2240  Changed course to 180°T.  2308 changed course to 134°T.

Wednesday  5 December
0000  Steaming as before. Sighted Uji Shim brng. 090°T. about 10mi. 0045 sighted Kusakaki Jima brng. 155°T. about 11mi.
0118  Changed course to 090°T.  0148 Sighted Iwo Jima brng. 120°T. about 13 mi.
0408  Sighted Sata Misaki Light brng. 063°T. about 13mi.  0454 Passed Sata Misaki Light abeam port, 5mi.
0552  Changed course to 062°T. 0602 Passed Toi Saki Light brng. 031°T. about 32 mi.
0730  Passed Toi Saki Light abeam port 16 mi.
0800  Exercised fire quarters. 0802 First stream at scene. 0808 secured. 0811 Exrcsd Abandon Ship. 0817 Secured.
1445  Crew member recvd deep puncture wound of left arm when he tapped the primer of a 50 cal. shell, which he was
           unauthorized to possess, with a metal punch which cause the shell to explode. He was treated in sick bay.
2044  Sighted Shino Misaki Light brng. 029°T. about 13mi.  Changed course to 065°T.

6 December
0000  Steaming as before. Course is 065 T. Speed is 17.5 knts. Modified Condition 3 is set.
0550  Sighted Ku\ozu Shima brng. 074
°T, 37 mi.      0700 Changed course to 030°T.
0855  Sighted Kazehaya Saki Lighthouse brng. 060
°T, about 10 mi.
0915  The Captain held mast for crew member. Offense: Unauthorized possession of ammunition and firing primer
           from same injuring himself. punishment: Deprivation of liberty ashore for one (1) month.
0945  Changed course to 036
°T.     1020 Changed course to 081°T.      1118 Changed course to 028°T.
1127  Changed course to 002
°T.     1145 Sighted Kannkn Saki lighthouse brng. 348°T, about 5 mi.
1150  Commenced steering various courses to anchorage in Tokyo Bay, Japan.     1155 Secured from modified Cond. 3.
1215  Passed Fort No.2 abeam strbd, 500 yds.     1235 Anchored in berth A-76 in 10 ftms wtr, mud bottom, with 75 ftms.
           of chain to port anchor on brng. Kannon Saki Lighthouse 188.5
°T; left tangent to Natsu Shima 245°T. northern
           outer Breakwater light at Yokohama 322
°T. 1245 Secured the Special Sea detail, Set the port watches.

Friday  7 December  -  [4] FOUR YEARS AFTER PEARL HARBOR
0000  Anchored in berth A-76, Tokyo Bay, Japan, as before.
0916  USS LCS-66
[168] came alongside port.  1126 Cast off having recvd. GSK [General Store Keeping] stores.

Saturday  8 December
0000  Anchored in berth A-76, Tokyo Bay, Japan, as before.
0845  USS Chepachet AO-78 came alongside strbd.  1145 Cast off DELIVERED 5,000 BRLS. fuel oil.
0905  USS Tallaluh AO-50 came alongside port.
1100  The Commanding Officer held inspection of upper and lower decks in company with
           the  Prospective Commanding Officer, Lieutenant George P. Koch, (T), USN. Results satisfactory.
1301  Exercised at General Quarters. 1307 All stations manned and ready. 1311 Secured from General Quarters.
1318  Exercised at fire drill. 1319 First stream at scene of fire. 1323 Secured from fire drill.
1325  USS LSM-158
[169] came alongside strbd. 1425 Cast off having recvd. G.S.K. stores.
1328  Exercised at collision drill. 1337 Secured from collision drill.
1340  Exercised at abandon ship drill.  1346 Secured from abandon ship drill.
1430  Mustered crew at quarters. No unauthorized absentees.

1435  USS Frank Knox DD-742 [170] came alongside strbd. Commenced receiving fuel oil.
USS Tallaluh AO-50 must have still been at port side.

At this date; Taluga's available log reported 170 REP's while moored and [239] UNREP's while underway.