Creating a REEF from an Oiler is an engaging process
This is explained herein by Dick Long

Dick is a diving industry pioneer and founder of Diving Unlimited International. Read books Dick has AUTHORED.


Items that represents the ships history or provides interest to divers will be protected. Many may already be removed, like the ships Wheel,  Bell, Captain's Chair, and Compass. Items like Hand Wheels, Port Holes, and Gauges will be removed and sold as mementos to raise money or given to volunteers to recognize their efforts.

Former crew member assistance is very valuable in making the ships history available. Before scuttling the ship, tours will be conducted on the ship to show everyone where all things are. Former crew members would be be very helpful here.

A time capsule on board will contain  the names and signatures of her crew members, the volunteers that help prepare her, the donors who helped and the ships history. Every 10 years the capsule will be opened to add to her history.

Places for ashes will be provided so crew members can be together for ever and divers will supply a service without charge.

It is also desirable to have a place close by on dry land to form a museum reflecting the ships history can be displayed in a brochure that would include the ships history. It is also desirable to have all of the former crew members can be listed.

In preparing the ship, the existing contents of the fuel tanks will be removed and usable oil will be sold. The tanks will then be cleaned, filled with water and sealed. Those used in scuttling the ship will be re-opened later where sea water can circulate and divers can enter.

Hydraulic fluid lines, reservoirs, accumulators, equipment containing PCB's (including transformers and switches) will be removed. The cost of removing wire is recouped by its salvage repayment. Removal of Asbestos is not required after many tests have shown it is not harmful to sea life, unless of course chunks are lose and can be considered junk in the sea.

The height of masts are restricted to about the height of the highest deck. Booms will be laid on the deck. Non-structural bulkheads will be removed too allow more light in. All paint chips will be cleaned off, all oily dirt removed, all light fixtures will be removed.

Finally holes, a minimum of 4 feet by 4 feet will be cut where ever needed, for water to circulate and divers to enter. Maps will be made to show where the holes are and signs placed every where so divers will know where they are.

Each crew member is invited to help convert their ship into a memorial that makes the public aware of her service to our nation. Please help sell this concept to the public, to our state and local leaders and politicians. Each crew member that can come forth to help their ship become a monument should also work to have there ship mates and congressmen insist their ship not be made into razor blades. the ship can instead make money and honor those who made this country great.

Here is a "LETTER" to send to your STATE REPRESENTATIVES to gain support.

Dick Long is currently Chief Advisor to California Ships to Reefs and Chairman & President of Ships to Reefs International.

12 Oilers are ready to become memorials for their Veteran crew members
INVESTORS could do proud for their country by making 1 OILER A NAVY SUPPORT MUSEUM - there are none now.

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