California Ships to Reefs, Inc
April 10, 2010
Walnut Creek Marriott

Vern Bouwman is pictured on the left side of the dinner table with Larry Ankuda at the right. Vern, a USS Kawishiwi Plank member, arranged to bring the 10 oiler veterans to the area to hear about how their ships could become reefs and to view their old ships moored in Suisun Bay. It was hoped they could board the ships but MARAD just would not allow it.

Larry Ankuda heads up CSTR's State committee for Veterans. Larry is a navy veteran being a navigator on P3-Orien Patrol planes.

At this table, L-R is
Patrick Smith CSTR Volunteer ,

Dick Long CSTR Chief Advisor,

Cindy Shaw CSTR Donor,

Joel Geldin CSTR Chairman & CEO,

Jan Kunz, Representative for  Assemblymember Tom Torlakson

I do not have a photo of the table where Andy Lee Vice Chairman/VP Science, was seated.

At this table, L-R is:
Eleanore Rewerts
CSTR Chief Administrative Officer,

Dean Rewerts, Eleanore's husband
CSTR VP Reef Development & Chair of Governmental Relations,

Bob Munoz, a USS Kawishiwi veteran and his wife Judy

At this table, L-R is:
Larry Ankuda,
CSTR Chair Veterans Committee,

Ron Springer,
CSTR Project Team Leader
USS Kawishiwi Project,
USS Monticello Project,

Bob Willis
USS Kawishiwi Plank member

Casey Allen
CSTR Director  and his wife Marlene

Vern Bouwman also sat here, took photo

At this table, L-R is:
Bill Garceau, a USS Misspillion Vet.

Glenn Newman , a USS Misspillion Vet.

PF Hammond, a USS Ponchatoula Vet.

Dave Schneider, a USS Ponchatoula Vet.

Jeanne Nelson

Joel Geldin, CSTR Chairman & CEO,


Larry Ankuda                             Ron Springer                                        Bob Willis                             Casey Allen