Pan American Victory
Suisun Bay
Reserve Fleet
Monday, November 30th, 2009

Towed by the tug

From:  Maritime Executive
Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Photos by: Martinihenry
and Daver6

Notice, she has a
pronounced list to starboard.

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The ship was the first of two to be removed from California MARAD Ghost Ship Fleet since revision of DOT’s ship disposal policies for U.S. West Coast tonnage.

The Pan American Victory was towed to the BAE Systems San Francisco Ship Repair,
where it was cleaned of marine growth and loose exterior paint.

The drydock is being pumped out, and the USS Pan American Victory Ship is one of the first to be moved
from the Suisun Bay mothball fleet to be prepared for it's trip to Texas.
She was one of 531 ships built for WWII.
Photo by daver6

After cleaning, the Pan American Victory was towed by the tug "ALLIE B", via the PANAMA CANAL to Brownsville, Texas,
to be dismantled and recycled at All Star Metals, LLC.

was named for "University of Texas-Pan American Campus", Edinburg, TX
About 30 miles NW of Brownsville.

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Thanks to Norman Rozeff of the Cameron County Historical Commission for this information.

Owner is "Dann Ocean Towing" Tampa, Fl.       Call Sign: WCZ6736
Length: 115 ft.  Height: 48 ft.   Beam: 32 ft.   Draft: 15 ft.   Fuel:  96,000 gal.  

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