Navy Oilers derived their names from the rivers and famous incidents shown in yellow.

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AO = Fleet Oiler Ship.        AKE = Dry Cargo - Ammunition Ship.
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USS Marias AO-57 Launched, 21 December 1943
The river was named by Meriwether Lewis after his cousin, Maria Wood. The river was the scene of the 1870 Marias Massacre.
USS Cedar Creek
AO-138 Acquired July 1948
This oiler transported Airplanes during WWII. See link at far left. The Battle of Cedar Creek (also called Big Dry Creek) occurred on October 21, 1876, in the Montana Territory between the United States Army and a force of Lakota Sioux Native Americans during the Black Hills War. Read.
USS Shoshone TAO-151 Launched, 17 January 1957
The Shoshone River is 100 miles long river in northern Wyoming. Its headwaters are in the Absaroka Range in Yellowstone National Park. It ends when it runs into the Big Horn River near Lovell, Wyoming. Near Cody, it runs through a volcanically active region of fumeroles known as Colter's Hell. This contributed to the river being named on old maps of Wyoming as the Stinking Water River. There was also an AKA-65
USS Big Horn

USNS Big Horn

Commissioned, 16 April 1942

Launched, 2 February 1991
Big Horn referring to Big Horn sheep. The Bighorn River is approximately 461 mi long, in Wyoming and Montana. The upper reaches of the Bighorn, south of the Owl Creek Mountains in Wyoming, are known as the Wind River. The two rivers are sometimes referred to as the Wind/Bighorn. At the border with Montana, the river turns northeast, and flows past the north end of the Bighorns, through the Crow Indian Reservation, where the Yellowtail Dam forms the reservoir Bighorn Lake. The reservoir and the surrounding gorge are part of the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.
USS Laramie
USNS Laramie

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USS Sacagawea T-AKE-2 Launched, 24 June 2006
Named for Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who acted as guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and one of the few United States Navy ships named for women.

The T-AKE type ship is not an oiler but a dry cargo ship that is usually accompanied with an oiler.

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