Navy Oilers derived their names from Cities and the Streams shown in yellow.

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AO = Fleet Oiler Ship.       AOE = Fast Support Ship.      AOT = Oil Transporter.
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USNS French Creek TAO-159
See Delaware Area
French Creek. Iowa
USS Kankakee AO-39 Launched, 29 January 1942 The Kankakee River is a tributary of the Illinois River, approximately 90 mi long, in northwestern Indiana and northeastern Illinois. The headwaters of the river near present-day South Bend allowed a portage to the St. Joseph River, which drains into Lake Michigan, as well as furnishing a subsequent portage to the Lake Erie watershed. The Kankakee thus was part of an inland canoe route connecting the Great Lakes to Illinois River and subsequently to the Mississippi River. The Kankakee River Basin is a product of the Wisconsin an glacial period. It is a remnant of the glacial lakes that comprised the Lake Michigan lobe of the ice sheet.
USS Kansas City
AOR-3 Launched, 1 June 1969 Kansas City, Missouri, largest city in Missouri and anchor city of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Kansas City, Kansas is the third largest city in Kansas. Kansas City may also refer to: Deuce-to -seven low, a method for evaluating low hands in poker, often called "Kansas City" low or just "low poker" or Kansas City standard, a digital data storage standard for audio cassettes. The Kansas City Metropolitan Area, straddling the border between Missouri and Kansas at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers, was a good place to build several settlements. When the area was opened to Euro-American settlement, the area became the first battlefield in the conflict over slavery and southern secession that led to the American Civil War.
USNS Loan Jack TAO-161 Launched, 21 October 1944 Lone Jack is a city in Jackson County, Missouri. On August 16, 1862 Federal troops were defeated in the Battle of Lone Jack by a much larger Confederate force. The fighting literally occurred on the main street and raged for five hours before the Federals withdrew. The Confederates were unable to hold the town following their victory because of converging Union forces from other commands.
USS Sangamon AO-28 Launched, 4 November 1939
In 1942, AO-28 was converted to AVG-26. The Sangamon River is a principal tributary of the Illinois River, approximately 250 miles long, in central Illinois in the United States. It drains a mostly rural agricultural area between Peoria and Springfield. The river is associated with the early career of Abraham Lincoln and played an important role in the early white settlement of Illinois, when the area around was known as the "Sangamon River Country". Abraham Lincoln arrived with his family in the area in 1830 to settle a section of government land bisected by the river. The river was home to many different groups of Native Americans in the centuries before the arrival of Europeans. The name of the river comes from a Pottawatomie Sain-guee-mon meaning "where there is plenty to eat." In the 18th century, groups of the Kickapoo settled along the river. In the middle 18th century, the region near the river was the scene of a conflict between the Illini and Fox as part of the larger French and Iroquois Wars.
USS Kaskaskia AO-27 Launched, 29 September 1939
The Kaskaskia River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, approximately 320 miles long, in central and southern Illinois, the second largest river system within Illinois. "Cascasquia" is an alternative, supposedly more French, spelling of "Kaskaskia" that is sometimes encountered. "Okaw River" was an alternative name for the Kaskaskia that persists in place names along the river, including Okawville, and in a major tributary, the West Okaw River.
USS Wabash AOR-5 See Lakes Area

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