BUILDING No.1 & Pontiac Bay - HISTORY
See Pontiac Bay SHINGLE MILL - 1884
Sand Point Naval Air Station

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In the back ground is Pier No.1 with the boat house, bldg.31. Far to the left is bldg. 20.

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The first hangar constructed was NO. 1. The elevation below is from the S.W. corner.

Hangar No.1 complete with Control Tower on N.E. corner roof. No. 2 was under construction.

Here hangar No.27 is started with concrete east of building complete.
(N.A.S. History Book) with PBY's - Ready to fly.
Near Bldg. 27, could be a Curtiss NC-4  The First Flight across the Atlantic plane of 1919.

You can see 3 PBY's floating in the lake. Ralph Jenkins remembers seeing the mooring buoy's all around Sand Point.

Some time after Hangar No.1 was completed, this Russian Tupolev ANT-4  had a short stay at Sand Point. It is said that Boeing engineers inspected the plane on its overnight stay but there is no record of it.  (N.A.S. History Book, Page 27)

Index of building now gone.
Bldg. 7 Office Building Bldg. 10 Flattie Boat House
Bldg. 17 Engine Test Building
Bldg. 43 Pyrotechnic Rady Locker Building
Bldg. 44 Fuel Oil Reservoir
Bldg. 66 Bomb site repair Shop Bldg. 68 Inflammable Stores Building
Bldg. 137 Laundry Building Bldg. 164 Water Reservoir
Bldg. 172 Celestial Navigation Training Building Bldg. 191 Synthetic Training Building
Bldg. 207 Sludge Beds Bldg. 219 Hot Well
Bldg. 227 Gate House