"RFS Moskva"
Visits the Americas


Panama Canal
August 10, 2013

At 1800 hours
The Russian Missile Cruiser
Approached Gatun Locks.

It was rainy
so the webcam has drops
that smear the view. :(

View of ships passing is possible with thanks
to Canal pilot, Captain Andrew

It was really raining at by 1830, but you can see the missile launchers. There are two bright lights at the top of the main mast.

Departing Gatun Locks, the Cruiser disappeared into the darkness of Gatun Lake at approx. 1900  hours.

At Miraflores Locks, you can see the Centennial Bridge Lights in the distance.

And there she goes, off to Managua Area of Nicaragua

A group of people watch from the dock
 as a Russian Navy flotilla headed by
the guided missile cruiser Moskva
arrives in Havana, Cuba,
Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013.
The Communist Party daily Granma reports (Associated Press)

The missile cruiser is the RFS Moskva,
Flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

After Havana, the warship visited Caracas, Venezuela. On passing the Panama Canal it will head for Corinto, Nicaragua; and Praia Port in the Cape Verde Islands off Eastern Africa.

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