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The Marfia Family
644 E. Main in Fennville, Michigan
"During the year 1947, on every saturday morning, I was welcomed into the Marvia entryway to collect for deliveries of the
Grand Rapids Herald."

" On Mondays thru Saturday, I walked up onto the front porch and placed the paper inside the screen door. I was then greated by their dog, It looked very much lick the image above. That dog followed me on my whole route, to my house, and to the school house.
Then he/she went home. Summer or Winter.
I will never forget the Marfia's.
LaVerne Bouwman - 1947

Onofrio Marfia and Grace (Frisina) Marfia,
both came from Palermo Sicily.

1915-1998  class of 29?
1916-1990  class of 30?        
1918-1999  class of 33        
                     class of 39
1922-1943  class of 40?
1924-2013  class of 41
class of 43
class of 47?
class of 50                
By 1927 Onofrio and Grace had 7 children, ages 1 thru 12.    On a cold day in February of 1927,
they moved their family from Downers Grove, Illinois, to the Fred Brendle Fruit Farm
 in the southeast corner of the Village of
Fennville. The property now sports the city water tower.
Frank Marfia flew the:
A WWII Furlough
News Palladium: June 25 1943--Mr. and Mrs. Onofrio Marfia were made happy Thursday by the arrival of three of their children Lieutenant Frank Marfia arrived Thursday morning from  N. Mexico, also their daughters Lt Carmela Marfia from Ft Devens, and Mrs. Carl (Josephine Marfia) Steunkel from Ft. Benning.

Sisters were not aware they were on the same train, until one went into another car for a drink of water and saw her sister. The parents had hoped for a complete reunion of their nine children, son Frank's furlough coming sooner than was expected -it now seems unlikely that Joe can get here. He expected to be transferred about July 1 and hoped that he might be home for the reunion. He is now a first sergeant and is also in the air corps He is at Raleigh, N. C

392nd Bomb Group: The 392nd Bomb Group flew B-24 Liberators out of
Wendling, Norfolk from August 1943 until April 1945. They were the first
Group to be given B-24H Liberators, the first B-24 model that was fitted

with a nose turret on the production line, an adaptation that increasing the ability of crews to fight enemy aircraft flying head
on with the bomber. The Group was awarded one Distinguished Unit Citation for bombing an aircraft and components factory
at Gotha on 24 February 1944, as part of the Big Week of assaults on German aircraft targets. After the invasion of mainland Europe, the Group supported the airborne invasion of Holland and assault across the Rhine by Allied paratroops.

B-24 LIBERATOR: #42-7503
Nickname: "Miss America"
Production block number: B-24H-1-FO Liberator
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Willow Run

8th Air Force:
577th Bomb Squadron,
Combat, Bombardment.

Antonino "Tony" Marfia was born on March 15, 1924, in Fennville, Michigan; into a large family. It was in the middle of this exciting decade, and shared his birth year with "The-First-Flight Around-The-World", the first Winter Olympics, and the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Tony's first move after graduating from Fennville High School was to enlist in the U.S. Navy. He went on to serve his country courageously during World War II. He was honorably discharged in September of 1945, and wasted no time in marrying the love of his life, Louise Cunningham, on October 18, 1945.
Antonino "Tony" Marfia died July 16, 2013, at the age of 89. Tony's family includes his wife, Louise; his grandsons, Sean (Paula) Marfia, Christopher (Cate) Marfia and Adam Marfia; his great-grandchildren, Patrick, Austin, Annette, Nik, Rachel, Sarah and Evelyn; as well as many other relatives.
He was preceded in death by his sons, Dennis and Craig Marfia.
Grandsons: Sean Marfia, Christopher Marfia, Adam Marfia.

There is a photo of air cadet Frank Marfia in the 1943 yearbook of the Pacific Air School of Fort Stockton, TX. He's from 644 E. Main in Fennville and was a farmer before the war. drbrownlee ancestry.com 13 Dec 2005

Dear drbrownlee: What does Frank Marfia's search mean to you? Are you a relative? friend?
Margaret ancestry.com 19 Dec 2006

Margaret, I'm not researching Frank. Just sharing information and the existence of a photo from an old WWII military yearbook I have. - drbrownlee

I was curious as Frank was my uncle and I didn't recognize your surname. Thank you for the info. Margaret

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