On March 12, 2019 I was watching this movie
about Samuel Clemens making a last Lecture Voyage around the World!

When the story reached his meeting with Ulysses S. Grant, the words,
"Being in debt is not a crime but YOU ARE A DAM FOOL to not try and get out of debt"
grabbed my attention. I reversed the recording, checked the words,
went to my computer and made a record of them.

You see, I am in debt too.
I am writing this book
with hope
 it can be published
to supply me with some
extra money to live on.
 As MARK TWAIN, Sam performed 23 Lectures in American and Canadian Cities.
His last 1895 LECTURE was in a new city just 80 miles north of where I now live
 in the Northwest. The city was called "NEW WHATCOM".

Sam's 1895-96 tour from Vancouver, billed as "MARK TWAIN AT HOME",
took him overseas to Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.
His earnings were still just half that needed to cancel his debt.

From Cape Town, Sam and his family took a steamer for Southampton, England.
On arriving in England we went to Guilford, where home was London for ten months.
He returned to the United States in 1900‚ his finances restored.

To take a train from Seattle to New Whatcom in 1895,
Mark Twain would have been on railroads built over old logging rails from Seattle,
  along Lake Washington, through Bothell, Snohomish, Arlington, Sedro Wooley, to Sumas
on the Canadian border, then on SW on the Milwaukee to New Whatcom.
   To continue traveling, Mark would then go back through Sumas
and on to Vancouver on a Canadian Railroad.

The First Book by Sam's company‚ was "HUCKLEBERY FINN" .
He created
"The Charles L. Webster Company", in 1884 to gain control and a profit.
Ulysses S. Grant's two-volume set of
is the 18th President's Autobiography,
focused on his military career.
It was published in 1885 by Mark Twain;
after Grant's death.

Mark Twain's last known lecture was "THE BEST OF THE SEASON",
given on the Island of Bermuda on March 27, 1908.
 Mark Twain died on April 24, 1910 at the age of 74,
at his home near Redding, Connecticut and BURIED in Elmira, New York.