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        Overhiser had the following children:
       +2  i.  Gasphier Overhiser
       +3  ii. John Michael Overhiser1 died in New York.
                 Drank water that was poisened by the Indians and died as a result.
       +4  iii. Overhiser

2. Gasphier Overhiser the 1st of 3 children, was born about 1730 in Germany. He died in 1780 in
        New York. He Married Fronah, born about 1730 in Germany.
        Gasphier Overhiser and Fronah had the following children:
       +5  i.  Barnett Overhiser                 +6  ii.  John H. Overhiser
       +7 iii.  Abraham Casper Overhiser   +8  iv. Conrad Overhiser

8. Conrad Overhiser, the 4th of 4 children, was born on 24 Apr 1754 Dutchess County, New York.
       near the village of Fiskill on the Hudson River.
       Conrad was married to Mary Story in 1776 who was also from Dutchess County, New York, and
       who was born on 1 Jan 1757..... 
       Information from Old Dutch Bible, in possession of Chester Van Buren Adgate Overhiser.

       Conrad Overhiser served his country during the Revolutiionary War under two commanding
       officers. According to the records I would assume that he farmed and provided for his family
       during the summer months that he served in the capacity of woodcutter, which was a very
       necessary and important occupation in those early Days......taken from a family history obtained
       from my Grandfather, John Lawerence Overhiser. It was written by someone else in the family,
       but I am not sure of the author. He died on 13 Jul 1840 in Steuben County, New York. Conrad
       died exactly three months after his wife, Mary Story Overhiser, on 13 Jul 1840. They both died in
       the home of their son, John Casper, and their remains lie side by side on the farm purchased by
       the son in 1817.

       Conrad Overhiser and Mary Story had the following children:
          +18 i.    Sophrania Overhiser         +19  ii.  James? Overhiser      +20 iii.  Abigail Overhiser
          +21 iv.  John Casper Overhiser  +22  v.  Joseph Overhiser       +23 vi.  Elizabeth Overhiser   
          +24 vii.  Polly Overhiser                +25 viii. Abraham Overhiser   +26 ix.  Catherine Overhiser
          +27 x.   Sarah Overhiser               +28  xi. Keturah Overhiser
          +29 xii.  John Barnett Overhiser

21.John Casper Overhiser, the 4th of 12 children, was born on 1 Apr 1782 in Montgomery
        County, New York. He was married to Maria Near in 1801.Maria Near1 died on 13 May 1812 in    
        Otsego County, New York.  John Casper was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
        He resided in Montgomery County, NY, until the spring of 1817, when he moved his family to
        Wheeler, Steuben County, NY. He purchased a contract from the Pulteney estate of Jesse
        Stevens for one hundred acres of land with log houses and three acres improvement on it.
        Two years later he purchased 40 more acres of land that embraced the farm now comprising the
        Overhiser home where 16 brothers and sisters were born., and with the other four elder ones
        that had grown up and gone out to make homes for themselves. The family totaled 21 children,
        and that was larger than that of any single family in this section of the state.
        He died on 13 May 1871 in Wheeler, Steuben County, New York.
        John Casper Overhiser and Maria Near had the following children:
           +31 i. Elizabeth "Betsey" Overhiser  +32 ii.  George Overhiser   +33 iii.  Mary Overhiser

        John married No.2 to Ruth French about 1813 in Otsego County, New York.
        Ruth French1 was born on 4 Sep 1796 in Otsego County, New York.
        She died on 6 Sep 1855 in Wheeler, Steuben County, New York.
        John Casper Overhiser and Ruth French had the following children:
          +34  i.    James Lonsan Overhiser   +35  ii. Mary Overhiser   +36 iii.   Harry Overhiser.
          +37 iv.   Marilla Overhiser                      +38  v.  Chester Adgate Overhiser.
          +39 vi.   Andrew Peck Storm Overhiser   +40 vii.  William Snow Overhiser
          +41 viii. Seth Able Overhiser                  +42  ix.  Micah Seager Overhiser
          +43  x.   Sabra Elizabeth Overhiser         +44 xi.   John Casper Overhiser II
          +45 xii.  Joseph S Overhiser                   +46 xiii.  Abram T Overhiser
          +47 xiv. Sluman (Sherman) Deloss Overhiser. Leads to +264 Florence Overhiser
          +48  xv. Catherine Overhiser                  +49 xvi.  Martha A Overhiser
          +50 xvii. Levi Barney Overhiser               +51xviii. Sarah Abigail Overhiser

32.George Overhiser,
the 3rd child of 21 children, was born on 21 Aug 1804 in Otsego County, NY.
     George married Elizabeth Storms (daughter of Peter Stormsand Dorcas Ballard ) in 1826 in
     Steuben County, Indiana. Elizabeth Storms1 was born on 30 Jun 1807 in Steuben County, New
     York. She died on 21 Nov 1860 in Roll, Blackford County, Indiana.

     In the fall of 1838 George Overhiser moved his family, consisting of his wife, Elizabeth, and 8
     children from Steuben County, NY to Fayette County, Indiana.The oldest child being 11 years
     and the youngest only 7 months of age. Five more children were born in Indiana, making 13

     They started to migrate in the month of September 1838, traveled in 2 road wagons to Buffalo,
     NY, accompanied by his father, John C Overhiser and his father in law, Peter Storms. They
     started on Monday morning, and reached Buffalo about noon on Friday. After loading their   
     goods, one team and wagon on the boat, his father bade them goodbye, and turned his steps
     homeward, his father in law going with them to their new home. After 28 hours of travel by
     water, they reached Sandusky, where they landed and with the team and wagon he took his
     family and a part of the goods over land and had the remainder shipped to Bellvue, Ohio. They
     made their way to the home of a friend, Mr Mundy, who had recently moved to Ohio. They
     remained there for three days. During that time he and Mr Mundy took the goods from Bellvue
     about 16 miles away to the house of Mr Mundy. The goods were left there until the family could
     reach their new home which required two weeks. In a few days his father in law returned for
     the rest of the goods.

     They passed through Columbus and Springfield, Ohio over the National Road, which was just
     completed a part of the way to Springfield and it was very rough owing to the newly broken
     stone of which it was made. The last night of the journey was spent in Waterloo, three miles
     above Connersville, IN.  On reaching Connersville, Mr Overhiser inquired the way to Longwood,
     but could find on one who knew where that little village was located except old Spuire Vance.
     Reuben Storms, a brother of Mrs Overhiser, had settled one half mile west of Longwood in 1837
     near his brother in law, Robert Bush who had come to Indiana the previous year. The
     Overhisers made their way to Reuben Storms, where they stopped for a few days, then they
     rented a large log house and set up housekeeping, living there for over 3 years.

     The first winter Mr Overhiser spent cutting wood at twenty- five cents a cord in the
     neighborhood of Connersville. With his father in law, Peter Storms, they enterd 400 acres of
     land in Blackford County that winter for which they paid 1.25 an acre. Peter Storms returned to
     New York in the spring of 1839 and moved his family to Indiana in the fall. He bought a farm
     near Longwood on which they settled.

     In 1840 George moved his family about 50 miles west into Hancock County, IN. After that first
     winter in Indiana, he took contracts for clearing land and many of the beautiful farms in Fayette
     and Hancock counties were cleared under his supervision..

     In 1845, he moved his family to Blackford County, then all dense woodland, settled on the farm
     entered by his father in law, one mile south of there the little town of Roll now stands. After
     cutting away enough timber to build a house, they lived here for six years. Then selling the
     improvement to his father in law in 1851, he bought a quarter of a school section in the same
     neighborhood, cleared space to build another house which still stands. He and his boys cleared
     this farm, here he did his first farming in Indiana, and here he and his wife spent their
     remaining years. He was an assessor and school director for several years in the home of his
     adoption, and was noted for his jovial disposition and love for playing jokes on friends.

     George Overhiser and Elizabeth Storms had the following children:
       +59 i.   Belinda Overhiser.    +60 ii.     John Peter Overhiser.     +61 iii.  Mary Overhiser.
       +62 iv.  Martha Overhiser.    +63 v.    Elvira Overhiser.             +64 vi.  Henry Overhiser.
       +65 vii. Lonson O Overhiser. +66 viii.  Ann Hazeltine Overhiser. +67 ix.  Charles Overhiser.
       +68  x. Willard Barnett Overhiser.  +69 xi.  Sarah Elizabeth Overhiser.
       +70 xii. George Marion Overhiser.  +71 xiii. Keturah Overhiser.

61.Mary Overhiser, the 3rd of 13 children, daughter of George Overhiser and Elizabeth Storms
     Overhiser, and grand- daughter of Casper Overhiser, married  Williamin Wilshire Johnston
     Blackford county, Indiana. William was born December 8, 1824 near Connersville, Indiana.
     After residing in Indiana for some time they moved, in the fall of 1864, to Casco township,
     Allegan County, Michigan, and settled upon a 160-acre piece of uncleared land. They were
     among the early settlers in that locality and cleared and brought under cultivation the farm,
     which has since been their home, until the father's death July 4, 1906, and which is still the
     home of Mrs. Mary Johnston, the mother of our subject.
     Seven children were horn to them. Martha, the first, died at the age of two years.
     Six are still living, viz. : John C, in South Haven, Michigan ; Amanda, also in South Haven;
     Charles M., Adelbert and Theron, all in Casco twsp, Allegan County, Michigan, and Marion,
     in Indianapolis, IN. .

64.Henry Overhiser,
tne 6th child of 13 CHILDREN, was born on 2 Jan 1835 in Steuben County,
     Indiana. He Migrated in 1860 in Allegan County, MI. He died on 3 Sep 1917 in Casco Twp,
     Allegan County, Michigan. He was buried about 6 Sep 1917 in McDowell Cemetery, Casco Twp,
     Allegan County, MI. He was married to Sarah McKee (daughter of Peter McKeeand Rhoda
     Peters) on 19 Feb 1855 in Blackford County, Indiana.Sarah McKee was born on 23 Jun 1837 in
     Fairfield County, Ohio. She died on 4 Mar 1884 in Casco Twp, Allegan County, Michigan. She
     was buried about 7 Mar 1884 in McDowell Cemetery, Casco Twp, Allegan County, MI.

     Henry Overhiser and Sarah McKee had the following children:
       +150 i.    Lonson Marion Overhiser   +151 ii.      William Albert Overhiser
       +152 iii.  Olive Jane Overhiser       
       +153 iv.  Ida May Overhiser  She died on 5 Feb 1945.She was buried about 8 Feb 1945
                     in McDowell Cemetery, Casco Twp, Allegan County, MI.
                                                                      See E Qtr, SE Qtr Sec. 14 1873
       +154 v.   George Grant Overhiser    +155  vi.     Charles Henry Overhiser.
       +156 vii. Mary Ann Overhiser           +157 viii.    Minnie Belle Overhiser.

151. William Albert Overhiser, the 2nd child of 8, was born on 11 Jan 1857 in Blackford County,
     Indiana. He was married to Alta May Usher in 1886. He died on 14 May 1915 in Casco Twp,
     Allegan County, Michigan.death certificate states that William Albert died of "Accidental gun
     discharge."He was buried about 17 May 1915 in McDowell Cemetery, Casco Twp, Allegan
     County, MI.
This put William McKinley in charge of the farm at age 19. The big house burned to
     the ground the last day of April 1927
     William Albert Overhiser and Daisy Galbreath had the following children:
       +235  i.  William McKinley Overhiser. 

155.Charles Henry Overhiser the 6th of 8 children, was born on 1 Jan 1867 in Casco Twp,
     Allegan County, Michigan. He died on 2 Jun 1939 in Casco Twp, Allegan County, Michigan. He
     was buried about 5 Jun 1939 in McDowell Cemetery, Casco Twp, Allegan County, MI.
                                                  NOT MARRIED??

235. William McKinley Overhiser.  He married Edna Trobridge where they created a fruit farm
     At 109th Ave. and 64th Street in Casco Twp. Allegan County, MI "OVERHISER ORCHARDS"

264.Florence Overhiser was born about 1912.She died in Cayuga County, New York.
     Daughter of 231.Clarence Maynard Overhiser
           Son of 113.Leroy Delos Overhiser1
           Son of 47.Sluman (Sherman) Deloss Overhiser1
           Son of 21.John Casper Overhiser1 
           NOT MARRIED ??? See E Qtr, SE Qtr Sec. 14 1873