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Leishure Corners, Michigan
History of a Community in Allegan County
Maintained by "Vern Bouwman"
Revised April 30, 2016
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I have created this Web Page to make a record of where my mother went to school when she was 12 years old. Being in 1928, my mother, Lois Marie Sheckler, lived on the Adalbert Johnston Farm, section 15 Casco Township. this is where her father, Linn Sheckler, had found work during those days of hard times. Read: MEMORIES!

In searching for the exact place of this happening, I have picked up on a lot of history about people migrating to Michigan. The main family followed was the OVERHISER Family. In the story, an Overhiser daughter had married a Johnston son. These are the two families included in the web page.

The name of the area village, "LEISURE" came from Samuel M. Leisure who run the general store. The name was adopted on April 29, 1892, when a postoffice was set up in the store. I did notice two Leisure names on the 1873 plat map below.

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