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Laura was a girl I let get away!
I took this photo of her
57 Graduation Procession.

In the summer of 1956 I was assigned my first job in
engineering the building of telephone lines. I was 21
years old.  The work was in Homer, Michigan and it
was suggested that the best place to live was at
                                              GLADY's KIRTS ROOMING HOUSE.

She had 2 rooms to rent and I was given the larger one because it appeared I would be staying a while.
She and her husband owned a store in Alger, Ohio and when he passed away in 1945 she moved with her
four girls to Homer.

One was just 6 years old. She was LAURA KIRTS.  a senior cheer leader in high school when I started rooming there.

Laura had a boy friend whom I became friends with. We even went fishing together. I had good respect for the two but I have to admit I was attracted to Laura. In the fall of 1956 there was a football game, out of town in Brookland. I went to it. After the game I asked Laura if she wanted to ride home with me. She did! I had a brand new 57 Chevrolet. :) All our talk was positive and when we got home we each went to our separate areas of the home.

This started the spark. I was invited to eat with them, go to church with them and was even invited to dinner at her sister and husband's home a mile north of town. Her mom, Gladys, was always out of town during the week, she still had the store back in Alger, Ohio. Therefore there was a house sitter for Laura. It was a Kouser set up. To keep Laura happy, I think, She was allowed to have a horse in the garage behind the house.  She rode that horse all over, even north to her sisters home.

Sometime before the football game, Laura had a sleep over party with three other girls. Two were cheer-leaders and one was a girl named Nancy. Nancy was not too bashful and wanted to have some fun. While Laura was in the back of the house, Nancy got the two cheerleaders to go up to my room and wake me up. (This is true)! Well she woke me up all right, got naked and right in bed with me. Laura found them, screamed and sent them back down stairs. Laura was not that kind of girl.

I had three dates with Nancy after that but quit when I took Laura home from the game. A few months after that, I had moved on to my next job in Lambertville.
Nancy got pregnant and said I was the father. The word was all over town. Laura reminded Nancy to count her months between her last encounter with
me, "in the back seat of my 57 chev". Saving my skin.

How do I know this? The manager of the phone company heard all the town gossip. He wrote me.

After Laura graduated she attended nursing school in Detroit for 2 years and married Doctor Walter F. Miner, a Naval Officer. In 1969, while living in Hawaii, Walter was in San Francisco for some schooling. He was also a trained Diver. Laura. being a adventurous girl became a diver also. Laura broke a very important rule, never dive alone. She went out alone, slipped, hit her head on a rock, and drowned.
There is another story here. I said she was the girl who got away.  Well after I moved to the next job, she wrote me a LOVE LETTER!     "Below"
I actually don't remember receiving it, but somehow I must have because while preparing to move last week, My wife Letha brought out the letter she had filed away over 50 years ago. I may have even answered the letter. I don't remember. Anyway;
I was pre-designed to find my Letha and we have two great children and four grandchildren.
My memorial to Laura (Kirts) Miner