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Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum
A June 2018, Visit by a Navy Tugboat "PILOT"
Back in June Ray went to Spokane, Washington for a specific event.
On attending, it didn't take him long to do what was necessary. 
Since it was early in the morning He looked up "Things to Do"
and found the Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum.

Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum
BMC Ray F. Longaker
BMC Ray F. Longaker
Talking with
museum employees,
while opening up,
Ray learned
the museum was
soon to close its doors
and the entire collection
would be moved
to a new location.

Ray hopes the
move goes well
as he plans on
seeing the
new displays.

Spokane  is located
in the eastern area of Washington State.
The main display at the Honor Point Museum was a Grumman TBM-3E Avenger
which is an air worthy (Flying) example of the Torpedo Bomber.

Somewhat rarer to see open.
The other display aircraft was a Russian Mig-17
After speaking with the personnel there,
 Ray's next stop that day was Fairchild Air Force Base
about 20 minutes away.

Felts Field is not only the oldest airport in the Spokane
 area but is also one of the oldest federally
 designated airstrips in the country.

Located along the banks of the
Spokane River, Felts Field was
originally known as Ed Hoisington
Field when one-thousand
acres were first leased
from the city by the
Northwest Aircraft
in 1919.