Gore Family Homeland
This page relates to a Michigan Sheckler Family with descendants from the Gore's
The Isle of Thanet is situated in the County of Kent - the garden of England - in the sunny South East, and is the place at which St Augustine landed in 596 AD to bring Christianity to our pagan shores.
In Roman times the Isle of Thanet lay a good mile offshore, separated from the mainland by the Wantsum Channel. Silting up over time, today it is barely navigable.
St Nicholas is a small village of some 1000 people, with no shops, one post office, one school, one church and two pubs. The name derives from the fact that St Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, and that one used to "wade" across a channel here to get to the mainland. The Norman church dates from the 13th century, and there are remains of earlier buildings. Concerts are held in the church two or three times a year. Other village events include Open Gardens (beginning of June), the ancient tradition of Hoodening, and Father Christmas, who comes around in a pony-drawn sleigh on Christmas morning distributing presents. We used to have a torch-lit procession to the sea on Guy Fawkes' Night but this no longer takes place.....................................Click on St.Nicholas photos below.
St Nicholas area - 1836
1836 Map
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World War II..According to The London Irish at War: 
The long-awaited German offensive on the Western Front began against the Low Countries in the early summer of 1940 [...] In a week the situation in France gravely declined, and the 1st London Infantry Brigade was ordered to take over at once the defence of the Isle of Thanet. It had been reported that parachutists were likely to land, hence the haste. With battalion headquarters at St Nicholas-at-Wade, the London Irish spent the first night in Thanet on guard. Roadblocks were set up, and at five o'lock the next morning a stand-to was ordered as enemy parachutists had been reported in Blean Woods. It was a false alarm. All roads to the coast were blocked, and no one was allowed to pass without a scrutiny of their identity papers. The tactical situation in Thanet was one of great concern [...] The key position at St Nicholas-at-Wade was designed so that any scattered troops or R.A.F. personnel could retire to it. 
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