As seen in June of 2008 along old Bailey Mill Road
which on the back side of Crane's Orchard, along lake.

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After Vern met Albert Crane at the Blue Goose in Fennville,
they had breakfast and departed for a tour of the farm.

Albert uses this golf cart to get around.

This is a scene in the woods along Hutchins Lake.

Albert reminisced about the old Bailey Mill road that existed along the lake. It was one of the first roads in the pioneer days that came from Swan Creek and extended to Mack’s Landing toward Saugatuck. Roads in those days followed the contours of the land to avoid hill climbing and stayed close to a water source. You can see the approximate route on the plat map below.
Only a few photos will be shown at this time. The image at right displays the area of the tour. It started at Albert's home (1), went straight for the lake, past the Crane Corn Maze. Continued to the west, along a the nut tree grove, then south toward the lake, stopping by a peach tree where Albert showed an old brick which came from the original Harrison Hutchins cabin. Continuing, they went down to the lake and observed a pair of swan on the lake. Driving then continued west on the old Bailey Mill road where Albert has signs marking each tree type.
The numbered orange dots
in photo at right mark

(1) Harrison Hutchins house,
(2) Alvin Hutchins house,

(3) Dwight Crane house,
(4) Hutchins Cemetery,
(5) The Pie Pantry.

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Old Cabin Site    

Cabin Fireplace Brick   

Hutchins - 9 a.m.
Along the old road can be found huge, tall Tulip Trees, as pictured at right. Winding along the old road which follows a creek coming in from the north, is a pond. The pond is host to picnics and hay rides. Traveling through the orchard, they study different types of fruit trees and look in the distance from the highest point in the orchard. Albert says on a clear day Mount Baldhead can be seen. Then again comes the grove with walnuts and chestnuts.

             Pond                                        Nut Tree Grove

A Tulip Tree

Glacier Rock
At Albert's house there is a wonderful garden.
He has this special rock he likes to describe.
View Glacier story by clicking stone.

And from his living room window
Albert can see the lake over
the trees and lake homes.

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