As seen in June of 2008 Tour in Albert Crane's garden

Are there more rocks around Fennville with Glacier evidence?
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Albert's rock is marked up from movement of the glacier times.

This rock was buried in the soil of Crane's farm and located by Albert during his many farming chores. In 12,000 B.C. the farm land as now known was deep below the ice. The Allegan area itself was just emerging, being within what was called the Lake Michigan Lobe where the melt off was creating many large lakes in valley that extended from Grand Rapids, south to Dowagiac and into Indiana.

The soil in the fruit belt from Peach Belt school south is part of the Lake Michigan glacier lobe and contains. The soil drains well and very conducive to raising fruit.

View the map left, you can see that Ann Arbor and Pontiac areas were appearing also. Detroit area was still below the ice. This retreating of the glacier started 800 years early at the Sturgis area, Hillsdale appeared next.

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Read about the creation of the large lakes by clicking on the line "Glacier Lakes Associated with the Retreating Ice sheet" at: the whole Glacier subject is at this site.

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