Clifford E. Paine
developed the blueprint for the all-suspension bridge in 1928

His home, shown below, was in
Fennville, Michigan

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HISTORY ; Fort Point

He wrote a book

The "Paine Volunteerism Award" is presented each year to to the person who best exemplifies the spirit of community volunteerism for the betterment of  education in the school district. The award is named after a graduate of  Fennville High School who spent much of his adult life helping  improve educational opportunities for children in the district.

This award was presented to Becky Crane at the 2003 Graduation Ceremony

This photo of Clifford E. and Ethel M. (Crane) Paine's home was taken  by Vern Bouwman in Dec. of 1966  Vern lived next door with his parents, just to the right, on Hutchins Lake, N.E. side.  Mr. Paine was never really home, The bridge required his time most of his life.