Gene Herbener Bill Sexton Sam Morehead Burell Deyoung

2008  FHS
Class of 53 Reunion
June 20th at Hamilton, MI

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Raymond Arnett

Skip Bale

Helen (Kluck) Bale

Rich Bale

Sally (Grams) Burger

Ron Bellenger

Vern Bouwman

Patsy (Gordon) DeBoer

Rod Galbreath

Julia Ann (Miller) Layton

Larry Morse

Mary Ann (Krammin) McEachin

John Parks

* * * * * *

Galbreath took this photo, that his wife Nancy in Red.                                                         Chuck McEachin with Mary Ann     and   Rich Bale

Patsy's husband Ken is to her right                                                                                               Ron Layton with Robert Burger with wife Sally

Sandy and Ron Bellenger with hungry Morse                                                           Morse with Ray Arnett and Chuck McEachin

Eleanor (Harbeck) with husband Matt Szkopiec   and   Ada Morehead                    Sam Morehead                    and   Mrs. Woodby with Son