In 1989, Vern was a Telecommunications Design Engineer
for Fluor Daniel on Project for original Interstate Camera System
The Interstate Highway System
Interstate 90 (I-90), a transcontinental Interstate Highway from Seattle, Washington, to Boston, Massachusetts.  It is the only highway in Washington to connect the two largest cities in the state (Seattle and Spokane). The road is the third busiest in the state, behind I-5 at 240,000 and I-405 at 201,000. An estimated 148,000 motorists use the road daily.

The Interstate 90 floating bridge, "The Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge", is the fifth-longest floating bridge in the world, at 5,811 feet (1772 m). 
The bridge includes two reversible lanes, which normally carry westbound traffic on weekday mornings and eastbound traffic at other times. Use of the reversible express lanes is restricted to HOV traffic, except for vehicles traveling  to and from Mercer Island. With a total of five traffic lanes and three full-sized shoulders, the Bridge is the widest floating bridge in the world.