The Interstate Highway System

On a 1955 August weekend, I took Liberty from my ship,
the USS Kawishiwi AO-146. I traveled for the first time
on a divided highway expressway.

Nearly all divided highways in the United States at this
date were Toll Roads. I took a bus from Philadelphia to
New York City via the New Jersey Turnpike.

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The very un-forgetable event that occured on this trip was on it's return.

All vehicles traveling on Expressways move at great speeds. These speeds can allow winds to
move through open windows and creat a nice cooling affect on ones body.

Riding in a bus, one sits twice as high as those in passing cars. I was sitting on a right side
window seat and could look right down into the cars the bus was passing. Only 20 feet away,
I could see a lady, very, very clearly. It was a HOT August sunday! - YUP!, she had her
dress hicked up and was wearing NO under garments. 
Being a bright young American, I DID NOT look away.
I have savored that encounter for decades. :)

I wonder why truck drivers like their job so well. ? ?