This page has been created to display how several Retired Navy Oilers could be utilized. :These oilers could be safely moored in coastal harbors and be stocked with dry goods or liquids ready for quick use in disaster relief or even general emergencies. In an earthquake or hurricane, the ships would just bounce around but stay afloat with their contents ready for use. The ships have refrigerators, freezers, galleys, and medical facilities.

Oil will be around for a long time to fuel the engines of Destroyers, Cruisers and Airplanes. The search is on to make the engines more pollution free. Nuclear fuel for the smaller ships will not be possible until oil reaches like $100 a barrel.

Help is needed to create a
NATIONAL SUPPORT MUSEUM with displays of tanker history and explanations of how oil must still be used. A ship would be a wonderful instrument to make the public aware. Read a letter I have sent to Senator Cantwell who can make ships in the reserve fleet available. Your letter could help make a museum possible. HOMELESS VETERANS could live and work on the ship.

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The oilers are now destined to be scrapped or sunk. Contact your U.S. Senator or Representative and suggest they get this process going.

Neosho Class Oilers have the cleanest lines of any oiler constructed.

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I am Vern Bouwman Veteran of AO-146