Carl moved from Eldora in 1936 (age 24) to work at J. C. Penneys.
He had an "IN". The wife of one of his brothers had a sister-in-law whose husband was the manager. :)
CARL SCHMITT - Aviation Radioman - 1942 - 1945
The house at 303 S. Third Ave. W. was purchased in 1915 by Frank L. and Ruby M Drake, 
5 months after daughter Dorothy was born in a house across the street, North.
The house became Dorothy's, after her parents passed away.
It became Carl's when Dorothy passed away in 2002, Age 87.
Carl passed away in 2008, Age 94.
This WEB PAGE was created for Carl and Dorothy's only daughter, SUSAN LEE who now lives in Everett, Washington.
Sue was raised in this house, but not until after Carl came home from the Navy.  
Sue said, "One place Dad lived when he moved to Newton was a room he rented in a house on 4th St., just west of the house. You could actually see if from the back door of our house and one of my high school friends lived there.
They didn't meet until he had been there for some time.   Mom was working at the abstract office that my grandpa Drake owned.  Story is that they met at the soda fountain in Nollens Drug Store that was on the same side of the square as Penneys."
                             Marriage Record:
     Carleton A. Schmitt - age next birthday 29
and    Dorothy M. Drake - next birthday 27
                                      were married by
           Rev. Frank M. Blish - Minister
                     on January 19, 1941.
When Carl and Dorothy
 commuted by train from
                 Oak Harbor, WA;
 This is where came and left
                 from Newton Depot -
                                 Click Image Below :)